Work as a CCTV Operator in the security industry.

This course provides a qualification to apply for an SIA license to work with the private security industry as a CCTV Operator. SIA License is not included - this is applied for via the SIA separately.

  • 4 day course ( 3 x 5hr virtual lessons followed by an 8 hour classroom day) with additional self study throughout.

  • You can apply for an SIA CCTV license (Subject to you meeting SIA eligibility criteria).

  • Links with local security providers for job prospect opportunities.

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Cost includes all learning materials, tutor support and examinations.

What is covered?

This course looks at the following learning outcomes

  • 1

    Unit 1: Working in The Private Security Industry

    • Private Security Industry: The legal aspect

    • Health and Safety for private security operatives

    • Fire Safety awareness

    • Emergency procedures

    • Communication Skills and Customer Care

  • 2

    Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator

    • CCTV Systems, roles and responsibilities

    • Legislation relating to CCTV/Public space surveillance

    • Operational Procedures

    • Operation of CCTV equipment

    • Surveillance Techniques

    • Responding to incidents

    • Working Safely

    • Practical use of CCTV

    • Evidence and record keeping